About us

A story about how Konek Productions started in 2011
Helen, Jordan, Curtis and James Konek

Konek Productions is named after my grandfather James Konek who taught me to work hard, be successful and get the job done.



We are a video production company that promotes Inuit knowledge and experience through our lens. Our high-quality equipment and expertise capture the eyes and ears of the North. 

We work with organizations, not-for-profits, private businesses and governments. 

What we value

TEAMWORK Our focus is on delivering the best results to the customers we serve, and to do that, we need to be open to communication, be willing to learn and show passion for our work. 

RESPECT Respect promotes cooperation and makes it easier for Konek Productions to achieve our common goals with our customers. Whether you are in the same community or 3000km away, respecting people’s culture, history, and the work your customers do is what we value. 

TRANSPARENCY Sharing ideas and information will give us a new perspective, new opinions and better insight. Problems get solved faster and more efficiently if you learn to be open and honest. 

Commitment It is important to stay committed because it makes you more dependable, trustworthy, and responsible. And we all like to be with someone we can trust and rely on. So when you make commitments and keep them, people will respect and trust you more.

17 year old Konek

The photo of my grandmother Helen Konek was taken by a famous photographer Richard Harrington, it has gone viral on social media multiple times since 2017.

The photo was taken in 1957 at my grandmother’s father Pipqanaaq’s igloo when she was 17 years old. She says she remembers when Harrington came to their place and took them around their igloo to pose for some pictures.

Growing up my grandmother came out 7:30am in the morning every single day to pray for her family, clean up outside, feed the birds and connect with nature. Helen loved her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. My grandmother did not stop working outside her place until she was 84. One of the most memorable things she used to tell us is “Don’t be quiet too often, being quiet too often creates anger inside you. Sing, talk, make noise with your voice.” Helen Konek.

My grandmother is now living in Ottawa at a senior facility at age 90. My grandfather passed away in 2017. We often visit her as often as possible, but travelling costs so much money because there is no roads to Nunavut, meaning we can only travel by airplanes.

One thought on “About us

  1. Dear Jordan I must compliment you for your grit and determination to do it despite the odds you faced in Ontario. I read about the place, the geographical features, the demographic composition, economy of the place, culture and above all the people of the place. What you have achieved is extraordinarily commendable. I wish you and Konek Productions greater success in times to come. I am an Indian and live in New Delhi. I found you on Twitter and have started following you!! TreeFriend!

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