About us

A story about how Konek Productions started in 2011

Who we are and what we value

In a community of 2,400 limited jobs made it hard to find any income, we had to figure it out ourselves, because we kept having empty cupboards and empty fridge. 

My grandfather James Konek raised me to work hard everyday, find solutions to problems that are in my surrounding. I decided that I need to help put food on the table for my family using my skills and knowledge in video production. 

A small project I got assigned to do proved that the values I learned from my grandfather can move a mountain. In fact, it led to more phone calls for Konek Productions:

TEAMWORK Since childhood, everybody in my family got called to my grandparents to help. My mom, sisters, my aunts and uncles, my cousins all had to show-up to help grandparents prepare meat for the winter, clean-up outside for the summer and more.

I learned that successful projects are easily accomplished by teamwork. It meant we got work done sooner and smarter. It meant we got to play out for the rest of the day, for that we commit to working closely with our customers to deliver the best results.

RESPECT  the people around you. My grandpa reminded us until he passed away that respecting people open’s doors for people to help you when you most need it. An example he often used is “You are out hunting in the wilderness, and you find yourself stuck. The only way to get out is get help from people & sometimes those people are strangers”.

TRANSPARENCY My grandpa really wanted us to understand people and watch how others live to be successful. It meant listening to people, watching how they get through their problems. It did not matter if it is people’s language, history, beliefs, knowledge and skills.

We are committed to learning new things and honouring transparency. We have come a long way in producing films for education, research and the public by being transparent with our work.

Commitment I have built many tools, sheds, qamutik and so much more using wood with my grandpa. It meant we started early in the morning until late at night. Weather didn’t stop us, we built everything inside the house if we needed to. Everything that we needed was ready to just grab and go because we knew that one day we will need it. 

Commitment to us now means we need to figure out how we start a project and how we finish it. 

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