Who is Konek Productions?

Jordan Konek, owner and operator
  • Micherner Award 2014
  • Indspire Award 2015
  • RTDNA Dave Rogers Award 2019
  • GGCLC Recipient 2020

Jordan Konek

Konek Productions began in 2010 with a special project to interview more than 20 Inuit elders in Arviat. Inspired by producing own work and hiring friends – the 4 months project earned the name for Konek Productions.

Since the project ended Konek Productions began getting calls for support and ideas to deliver Inuit led presentations from 5 people to large audience of hundreds. Inuit organizations, governments, private business’ started seeing our work and began calling us. Since then we started travelling to South Africa, Peru, Washington, D.C., Ottawa, ON, Yellowknife NT, and many other places to produce film and deliver presentations.

Honesty and transparency has been our priority – growing up with our grandfather James Konek that inspired us to use the name Konek Productions in his honor of respecting him for who he taught us to be “You can do good things, but there is room to do better than what you did”.

Production History





Reporter/Editor CBC North (2013 – 2015)
As a reporter/Editor – I researched stories, conducted interviews, wrote scripts for radio/television, did on-camera live hits on CBC Igalaaq and Northbeat, pitched travel to communities and produced my own stories.

Video Journalist – CBC North (2015 – 2020)
As a video journalist I directed, produced and wrote my own stories for CBC North. As a VJ I was able to shoot and edit my own stories on-top of writing for news on radio and television. I travelled with VIP on chartered flights when breaking news happened. I went live on television/radio on special and important news events.

Executive Director, Inuit Broadcasting Corporation (2020)
As executive director I was responsible for 10 staff at the IBC and 5 Inuktitut television programming. I worked closely with the CEO, directors and producers to deliver professional production to Inuit in Nunavut.

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