Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada have been a repeat customer of Konek Productions after doing a video production with Kublacom Pictures on Fatherhood: Inuit Perspective. Click on the link to see the trailer. The film was based on young Inuit fathers all over Canada. We interviewed some young Inuit parents.

Pauktuutit  – Socio-Economic Development Department 

Inuit Youth on Canadian Economy

I also was working on another project with Pauktuutit in Baker Lake on Inuit women on mining. It wasn’t a filming project but we teamed up with University of British Columbia and did some filming with Baker Lake women. Later after a month, I was working with the same people involved in the Baker Lake project. But on a totally different work on Inuit youth on Canadian Economy that was lead by Sharon Nochasik-McLean and Elana Nigthingale.

Pauktuutit – Health Policy and Programs Department

Keeping Active & Safe

Keeping active and safe was the hardest but worth all the work that Konek Productions did for the department of Health Policy and Programs. We had to make a 13min Active and Safe in English, 17min Active and Safe in Inuktitut, and 10 mini-clips both in Inuktitut and English. It took a while and I had a few learning experiences from the project with Geri Bailey. We went past the deadline because of issues that I first had in our projects, but it was all worth it.

Videos recorded by Youth Participants



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