Why Konek Productions

Why Konek Productions?

We are known internationally for our videos and presentations we deliver to show the work researchers, organizations and governments are doing all over the world.

TEAMWORK We are connected to a team of producers, directors and performers in the North and if are not, we will take the time to find the people we need for our projects so that we can deliver the best results by working as a team.

RESPECT Konek Productions is committed to working with respect – We commit to respect the people’s language, history, beliefs, knowledge in the work we are working to deliver in video and audio production.

TRASNPARENCY We are committed to learning new things and honoring transparency with the work we are doing. We have come a long way in producing films for education research and the public by being transparent with our work.

PROMOTE MEDIA CAREERS We are committed to promoting media careers by delivering training, jobs and services to the North by the Inuit and northerners all over Canada.

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