Mikijuq Project

You have a simple project Mikijuq project is a small project that projects a day shoot or or audiot recording. It is a project that can be easier to know when it can be done, based on what you’re looking for in your project.

Video shoot – With this offer you can tell us details about what you want and we’ll make a price for you!

  • Full day production shoot $675/day – any project consisting of 5 hours or more.
  • Half day shoot $385 – any project consisting of 4hrs or less

Video Editing A 0 to 5min video editing can be done between 5 to 24 days. Some detailed projects may require more time. For $1350.00 (some with additional fees) we can edit videos for you.

For the fee of $1350, the client can review and make changes up to 5 times. That means when we edit your project, it may require 7 days of editing, after we edit the video, we send it to you, you review it and you tell us any changes you might want. This will repeat 5 times until you are happy with it. Additional charges begin at each review of $95/review.

Storyboard or Script writing We look at your project and help you write a storyboard or script to tell a story that comes in a northern perspective.

Podcast Writing podcasts takes time and commitment and we have done it before. Tell us your proposed idea and we can make it happen!

As an example of a mikijuq project – here is our work with hiphop artist Hyper T

A music video production with Hyper T in Iqaluit, Nunavut

Book for a small project now!

In an email write to us about a a simple project you want to do! Tell us what you are looking for and when you need it done.

Do you have a bigger project idea? Look at Innukshuk project!

“Know History has the privilege of working with Konek Productions on multiple occasions over the last 10 years. Every time they go above and beyond to help ensure our projects goals are met. We look forward to our future collaborations”

— Ryan Shackleton, Know History

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