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In today’s society social media and the web are an easy way to get to know business’ and organizations. People often click videos to learn more about what the business’ or organizations are doing in their community. The video catches people’s attention and tells stories faster than reading can.

Konek Production’s Inukshuk Project offers you our services to produce a short documentary of your choice. We help you produce a 5 minute or up to 44 minutes video to promote the work you are doing.

How we create a video from A to Z

We start with meeting you and your team to gather your ideas

Before the production starts, we meet with you and your team to discuss how you want your video to look like – what you want to see and give you ideas on what we can offer, we help you create a storyboard, shot lists, production equipment requirements, deadlines and release dates. Then we come up with a price for you.

Konek Production’s crew will then look at production line, find out how we can set a goal to meet your deadline and what we will need to meet your requirements for your story.

Editing a 5 minute video can take up to 2 weeks depending on how many hours of tape there is and what the client wants in the video. It sometimes takes longer. So, if you count 30mins of video, it could be up to 10 weeks or more.

To give you an idea – here is 30 day trip to Peru with more than 20hours of videotape that we cut into 5min 30secs.

Sample Menu

Production Equipment

1080p 60FPS Canon XA10 Our services and production equipment is not limited to what we have, we can add into higher quality if needed.

Experienced Crew

Award winning company We have experienced camera crew and will go above and beyond to meet your needs, we won’t stop until we do it right.

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Behind the lens are eyes that capture the good moments


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