“it means power” An Inuk woman going viral 70 years later

Helen Konek is 88 years old now and living in a elders home in Arviat – she has dementia but knows enough to remember family names and some stories of her life in the past. This particular photo of her went viral on Twitter, with 28 million views, 50 thousand retweets and 500 thousand likes.Continue reading ““it means power” An Inuk woman going viral 70 years later”

-52 windchill Yellowknife is cold

Yellowknife is so cold today that you can see the extreme cold and because the city of 20 thousand is in the centre of 2 territories Yukon and Nunavut, and so far from the sea it’s much colder than those closer to the sea. Because the air is dry without any moisture in the airContinue reading “-52 windchill Yellowknife is cold”