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Curtis Konek, shooting a production 2012

Since 2010 Konek Productions has produced documentaries, podcasts, transcribing, TV commercials, international presentations, script writing and video production training all in Inuktitut and English to our customers.

Booking options guides you in which services we offer might fit your budget. Do you already have an idea for a full production? In a full production, we offer you all our services. Learn more at Inukshuk Project.

Konek Production can also deliver training programs, with Media Training, we can guide you in programs we can train students of 5 or more!

Influential/Trainer offers you a small and easy production, it’s more affordable and quality is still great! Learn more about the opportunities below!

The Inukshuk Project

The Inukshuk project offers you all our services to produce a full production. Show the public where to find you, your projects or your business using a unique promotional video. We help you produce, shoot videos, conduct interviews, create a storyboard and edit the videos to make it a 10min short or up to 44+min video.


Are you looking for experienced speakers or do you want your students to learn some basic in producing professional video, public presentation or business relations? The Influential/trainer offers you a guidance from experience based training and speaking!

Mikijuq Project

You are looking for an easy and affordable project! With the Mikijuq project we offer you 1 or 2 of our crew to help you produce a 30secs to 5min video.
We can finish the project within 2 weeks or more!

“Know History has the privilege of working with Konek Productions on multiple occasions over the last 10 years. Every time they go above and beyond to help ensure our projects goals are met. We look forward to our future collaborations”

— Ryan Shackleton, Know History

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