Konek Productions started in 2010 – we produced and directed 20 interviews with Inuit elders in Inuktitut. We conducted the interviews, shot the films, edited and made English subtitles and the rest history.

Now we are here to grow expand and learn more!

Services we offer:

  • Video Production We are experienced in producing films for advertising, commercials, documentary, TV shows, interviews, news and more. We shoot the production & use our equipment.
  • Editing We are experienced in producing 15+ hours of video tape and turning it into 0.30secs to 44+mins. The tape often from our own production but we also use the customer’s hard drive.
  • Audio/Podcast We have produced a documentary podcast & made copies of audio tape for customers.
  • Script Writing In many of our services we often produce the scripts for the customers. We start from scratch and can write a minute script into 44+minutes.

This is a 1 stop shop for all the services that need to be made for a production. If you need a camera man, editor, writer, producer, director, performers, or even actors we will commit to finding the people you need using our knowledge and expertise. We can get the job done and commit to delivering the best results for everyone. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best audio, video production and communications services within the North. 

Our History

Since 2010 Konek Productions has produced documentaries, podcasts,  transcribing, international presentations, script writing and training in Inuktitut and English to customers.

Ready to film? Contact us now!

P.O. Box 11621
Iqaluit, Nunavut X0A 1H0

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