-52 windchill Yellowknife is cold

Yellowknife is so cold today that you can see the extreme cold and because the city of 20 thousand is in the centre of 2 territories Yukon and Nunavut, and so far from the sea it’s much colder than those closer to the sea. Because the air is dry without any moisture in the air minus -42 with windchill minus -52 is pretty cold.

Imagine you’re walking, even in wind free areas of the town, you can feel the cold throughout layers of your skin as you walk. That’s when you learn and notice your skin layers because it’s so cold. So it’s important to wear layers of clothes for those that are not familiar with frost bites because it can sting when it hurt and you don’t notice it until it’s too late.

Isaiah playing at the playground in Yellowknife

When your body is adjusted to handling the extreme cold you don’t feel it at all sometimes, so the only way you can tell is when your face starts to get patches of white skin on your cheeks. Obviously you can’t tell on your own so someone has to see it, or if your phone is warm enough to work in the cold then you might see it using your camera.
In Northern part of Canada it’s normal to see camera equipment or anything electronic used can become useless outside, you always need it somewhere warm in your pocket or running vehicle and use it outside for about 5mins and then warm it up again to keep it working. Otherwise it completely dies on you, it’s weird because the battery doesn’t die, but the phone just turns off and once you warm it up battery is at 75% battery life left.


"Behind the lens are the eyes that capture the good moments" - KonekProductions 2012

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