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What is Rigolet like?

Interviewing Rigolet students on life in Rigolet

What is it like living in a community of 350 people?

What is it like living in a community of 350 people?IMG_2682 IMG_2684

Coming from a bigger community of 2500 people and moving into this tiny community of Rigolet, Labrador for two weeks? I was kind of nervous about it, because I new a lot of things will be limited. A lot of times we don’t realize these things that make us look like ignorants and all it is, is that we need to be more educated in somethings.

It’s been almost a week now since I came here to a community of 350 people. There really are a lot of limitations, but to the people who live here, it’s all normal for them and it’s ok. I just find it hard to adjust into this little world, but I understand how it would be to leave a place you grew up in. During one of the interviews with the students I was thinking that these young people must feel like leaving this place. But I was wrong. They are the people of this community, it’s their home and it’s always been their lifestyle. Yes, the things are limited, yes somethings like the store may have expired food on regular prices and yes there’s not a lot of people. But it’s something that people here are used to and I can’t complain to that one.

I’m looking forward to what this film the youth are making here is going to look like and how the story is going to look like. I have learned in many ways that communication is the key and you don’t always need everything that the modern world has to enjoy life. Because all you need is the people you grew up with to be around you and good food.



"Behind the lens are the eyes that capture the good moments" - KonekProductions 2012


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